Friday, 29 November 2013

The Warp Survivors Squad

As you know I started this hobby with a "Battle for Macragge Paint Set" which included 3 dry-fit Space Marines, and after that I bought some more of them. At this time I didn't plan to make a SM Chapter of my own or to paint all of them in one colour scheme, I just wanted to have fun while painting them. But after the creation of the Ubermarines chapter I didn't know what to do with these 7 miniatures. I didn't want to repaint them because I liked the way they look, but I wanted them to be part of the story about my chapter. So what did I do?

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

November Update #1

First thing that I want to say is that I'm sorry for being silent for such a long time, there was nothing new for more than a month, I know. I just didn't have much time for painting miniatures, I barely made 2 of them during that time (Imperial Guardsman and a Space Marine which has been finished yesterday). What's worse I was so disorganized that I forgot to take enough pictures for tutorial about painting.

But I will make this tutorial anyway, it will have "work in progress" status until I'll take more photos while making another figs (I just have 4 left at this moment).