Friday, 10 January 2014

Little Helpers of the 41st Millenium

I was really happy to find out that the set of Devastators have a bits of 4 servoskulls in it! I know that they do nothing in the tabletop game and they are just a decoration but damn... that's cool! First thing I thought was to make one as a familiar for my commander! After I did it I realised that another servoskull design fits the style of the Techpriest and I couldn't resist to make this one too. And here they are!

Masyafuss First and Only (at this point) Guardsmen

Few days before Christmas I finally finished the last man of the most basic Imperial Guard Infantry squad. It's finally full 10-men squad. Well they are not so very impressive since they are just simple dry-fit models, but I had to make this squad complete.

Summary of 2013 and nice start of The New Year!

I have so many news right now! An idea for a tutorial, new models, finishing the old ones, items in mail order, well, there is a lot to write!

Well, since we already have a year of 2014 I want to make a summary about my collection at the end of the previous year (I should add a proper photo later I think).

I started making 2 armies, both Imperial - Space Marines and Imperial Guard. Since I decided to stop buying IG models until the release of the 6th edition codex and some new models I only have 1 simple squad of 10 man with lasguns and 1 Techpriest. Space Marines have better situation because I focused on that army. And at the end of 2013 my colection was made of: