Friday, 10 January 2014

Summary of 2013 and nice start of The New Year!

I have so many news right now! An idea for a tutorial, new models, finishing the old ones, items in mail order, well, there is a lot to write!

Well, since we already have a year of 2014 I want to make a summary about my collection at the end of the previous year (I should add a proper photo later I think).

I started making 2 armies, both Imperial - Space Marines and Imperial Guard. Since I decided to stop buying IG models until the release of the 6th edition codex and some new models I only have 1 simple squad of 10 man with lasguns and 1 Techpriest. Space Marines have better situation because I focused on that army. And at the end of 2013 my colection was made of:

-1 Space Marine Commander
-1 Space Marine Command Squad
-1 Tactical Squad of 10 Space Marines with bolters
-1 squad of 10 Guardsmen
-1 Techpriest Enginseer

Well I know that this is not a big army, but I'm not buying them so often and I spend a lot of time making every single one because it's sometimes hard to find a free time. But I'm proud of my models, I enjoy making them, assembling, painting and watching as my little army grow. And now it has chance a to grow for more than 50% in short time because new year and christmas brought me some new sets of models. And these sets are...

Space Marine Devastators and Space Wolves! I will use Space Wolves to make normal Tactical Squad of Space Marines but just with this wolfie/viking design, and Devastators to upgrade tacticals with Heavy Bolters (oh that's probably my most favourite weapon of all) and to make 1 heavy unit. Tactical Wolves will have 1 Heavy Bolter and 1 Plasma Gun in squad and a sergeant with Powersword and Plasma Pistol probably (I didn't think about it yet). Devastators will have 2 Missile Launchers and 2 Plasma Cannons with them, but since I have only 1 Missile Launcher I can't decide what this 4th weapon will be, a Lascannon probably. To be honest at this point I don't care about a loadout of the squads because I don't play with them. I'm just making my models and I want them to look cool. When ot will come for me to start playing of course I'll think about my units to the best for playing, but right now it's not necessary (but I've read that devs with 2 ms and 2 pc are nice and they can fight against almost anything).

I have already made 3 models this week, 2 Space Wolves and 1 Devastator. Of course the first model had to have a heavy bolter in his hands!

And last thing - I'm waiting for my mail order to come - it should arrive in the next week. All I can say about the ordered things is that they will bring some trouble to the panet of Masyafuss and also someone who will be furiously defending it, his homeworld.

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