Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Typhus Corrosion

I bought today brand new paint called "Typhus Corrosion". I mentioned it in a previous post, where I wrote that my "Warp Survivors" are too clean and nice to look like such veterans so I decided to add some effects with this paint.

To be honest I was afraid. Yes, afraid, afraid of damaging minifigures like I did it some time ago when I started using nuln oil. But I had to try it out any way. The paint itself looks like a "shade" type paint, it's very watery, but there is one difference between shades and this one. Typhus Corrosion has sand mixed with paint so it will give you unique and nice looking texture after painting, but it forces you too clean your brush more often than normal paint because this sand quickly agglutinates in clumps.

The biggest problem for me is to keep good proportions, I'm afraid that I used this corrosion too much and it looks terrible now, but on the other hand you wouldn't leave warp in purewhite shirt, they have to be as dirty as it's possible. Well, at this moment I have all of the Blood Ravens and the Imperial Fist painted with this paint and you can tell for yourself if it's bad or not. But keep it in mind that these are small miniatures and it would definiately look different on bigger model like on this official GW video.

I really like how this corrosion looks on silver elements and parts of the bolters, you can see that they have fought in many battles.

Now I'm planning to buy Agrellan Earth to add some mud stains and some blood with this Blood fot the Blood God paint and they will look gooooood!

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