Monday, 11 August 2014

The Chosen

And I have finally finished painting The Chosen Chaos Space Marines! I really like these models, they have fantastic design.The only thing that bothers me are these mutations on shoulderpads etc, but well... they are chosen of chaos, right? They have to have such additions!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

IT'S OVER 1000!!!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013 - that day I started writing this blog. It all started just as an excersise which I've made for myself. I haven't been learning english regularly for a long time and I was afraid that I will be slowly forgetting more and more about that language. And that was the main reason why I started writing here.

New section of the blog!

Today I've created a new section in this blog - a gallery. In this section I'll post both my and YOUR models! I've started with some of my friends models - a mix of Dark Eldars, Space Marines and their chaotic counterparts.

If YOU want me to show YOUR models:

1. Take some photos (but please, no blurry pictures - I think we both would want to present your model in the best way possible - even the best masterpiece would look terribly on a blurred image).
2. Send them to me! (You can add something about them, your hobby, anything you would like to share with the others!)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Aaaand another one?

After making the first one I needed to make another one, but better. For that I prepared a special "device" to rotate the miniature without moving it on the table. And also this time I've taken more photos to make this rotation smoother. Enjoy!

My first 360 photo

Hi everyone! Today I've tried for the first time to make a 360 photo! Just like these photos on GW webstore or on other blogs. I used this tutorial to make it. I hope you'll like it!

Faithful flock of Tzeentch

And finally here they are - the first of the 20 cultists from the Dark Vengeance set! After months of painting different models I have finished one complete unit of 10 cultists with autoguns. I know that they are just simple cannon fodder which task is to swarm and slow down the enemy or capture the objective. But I like them, I really like them. I like the idea of lots of zealot, crazy, aggresive cultists who can be only led by the words spoken by Dark Apostle. I like the idea how they would attempt suicidal missions believing that they will be granted many rewards after that. And besides that - they are fun to paint!

Whole gang together