Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A little update about blog, new transport box and some Tacticals

Hi! Today I've changed something about blog, I added list of links to the sites which gave me inspiration and I really like their content.

First of all - the Miniwargaming. It's a good resource of tutorials about making your miniatures and also terrains. Moreover they have lots of battle reports filmed and hosted on youtube, so if you don't know how such battle in wh40k looks like - you should watch it. Few weeks ago I watched tutorial made by Papa Smurf about making 40k battle ruins, and I decided that sooner or later I'll make it (a terrain with 1 or 2 buildings perhaps).

Sunday, 14 July 2013

First Blood

Hello again! (I really don't know how to start post properly...)

Yesterday I had a chance to take part in tutorial battle in the Games Workshop shop. Well, it was my first battle ever, so this was really exciting for me!

The mission was simple - Chaos Space Marines have taken control over fortress and have beenn trying to send S.O.S. signal for support from the landing pad. Space Marines task was simple - to reach landing pad and stop them.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Beginning

I thought that I'll start presentation of my miniatures with my first set.

Around 2006 I bought RTS game "Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War" - and it was the beginning of my fascination with this universe. When I had chance I bought "Battle for Macragge Paint Set" - it was perfect way to begin my hobby. In this set I received 1 starter brush, 6 paints and 3 "dry-fit" Tactical Space Marines. After reading short manual about painting miniatures I started to glue parts together and paint my first Space Marine. I didn't have much choice about chapter of these 3 soldiers, colours of the paints in this set only allowed me to paint theme in Ultramarines scheme, but I liked it anyway. Since that day I started to play DOW with Ultramarines only.

First Deployment

Well, well, well... Here it is, the first (and I hope that not last one) post on this new blog. What should I write here?

Maybe a little introduction about what made me into creating this blog and what I'm going to post here?

First of all - my hobby. I enjoy assembling and painting WH40K miniatures. I have already 7 dry-fit Tactical Marines, SM Commander, SM Command Squad and 5 dry-fit Cadian Imperial Guards. I've been painting them really carefully, every single detail, just to make them look nicely done. After showing them to my friends they told me that I should post pictures of them, tutorials etc.