Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A little update about blog, new transport box and some Tacticals

Hi! Today I've changed something about blog, I added list of links to the sites which gave me inspiration and I really like their content.

First of all - the Miniwargaming. It's a good resource of tutorials about making your miniatures and also terrains. Moreover they have lots of battle reports filmed and hosted on youtube, so if you don't know how such battle in wh40k looks like - you should watch it. Few weeks ago I watched tutorial made by Papa Smurf about making 40k battle ruins, and I decided that sooner or later I'll make it (a terrain with 1 or 2 buildings perhaps).

Another site is Putty and Paint and this site is awesome. I mean, look at all those miniatures! They all are little masterpieces! My favourite one is an "Aerobase", this diorama is beautiful!

Last two link are to another blogs, which inspired me to create my own one. I really liked this revolver map gadget on row40k, so I've used this one on my blog as well, I hope that's not a problem :) On these blogs you can find lots of usefull tricks and tips, for instance I've read post about making bases on row40k before attempting to make my own (but I did it my way anyway) and on From the Warp I found some articles about using greenstuff and I painting lenses :)

Ok, another thing for today - I bought a box to hold and transport my miniatures. It's made by Safe&Soung and it holds up to 40 miniatures of standard infatry. It's well made and I can put inside of it almost all of my figs except for commader, sergeant and standard bearer. But all the other miniatures are safe inside of it:)

And last thing for today - another dry-fit Space Marines. It started with the green one which I painted in Games Workshop store as a tutorial to hobby and after that I decided to buy some more. I was painting them for about 3 months from time to time, and I decided to paint each other differently, I didn't have an idea about creating my own chapter... yet.

The last one of them is painted as a Blood Raven and well... I'm really satisfied and pleased with effects! I'm not a pro or an artist, but I think that this little fellow looks nice:)

Ok, so that's all for today, next time we will start with my own chapters Commander!

PS. It's really hard for me to think of an title for post... :P

Captain Dred - hobbyst and gamer; painting 40k miniatures since 2012; addicted to everything 40k related: games, books, comics and movies. Praising Omnissiah and serving Tzeentch.

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  1. Welcome, I'm really jealous, your collection of figs is impressive and IMHO - promising, maybe not the quantity, but quality ;8-]. I like to buy those box from safe&soung too for myself, maybe I buy some sort of this boxes within a few months. ^^ And - my apologize for mutilating English language ^^