Sunday, 14 July 2013

First Blood

Hello again! (I really don't know how to start post properly...)

Yesterday I had a chance to take part in tutorial battle in the Games Workshop shop. Well, it was my first battle ever, so this was really exciting for me!

The mission was simple - Chaos Space Marines have taken control over fortress and have beenn trying to send S.O.S. signal for support from the landing pad. Space Marines task was simple - to reach landing pad and stop them.

Me and my Space Marines had really bad situation, becasue there was only 5 of them (against 7 CSM) and they had to run to the pad first (and during this run I lost 1 of my soldiers).

When I reached landing pad I've lost another soldier in close combat and my commander had 1 wound, but I've killed 1 of heretics. After that I lost morale check and retreated (I had luck to make it without any attacks from the oponent).

When I retreated I've killed 1 CSM and wounded lord with flamer and then wounded him again with storm bolter. After that I've rushed on them again and I killed another enemy in close combat. Heretics have lost the morale check and I had luck again to kill them all during their retreat.

So I can say that this game was really intense, I had a bad start, but I've made it for the Emperor!

And here are some photos from this battle (I really have to work on the quality):

And here's a photo of a brand-new Khorne Lord of Skulls (he have already won a 1vs1 battle with Baneblade!):

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  1. Great job then, really, sorry for my english from above, I'm really impressed by your claimed victory above Chaos forces. And my apologize again for my english ;8-] For the Emperor!