Wednesday, 10 July 2013

First Deployment

Well, well, well... Here it is, the first (and I hope that not last one) post on this new blog. What should I write here?

Maybe a little introduction about what made me into creating this blog and what I'm going to post here?

First of all - my hobby. I enjoy assembling and painting WH40K miniatures. I have already 7 dry-fit Tactical Marines, SM Commander, SM Command Squad and 5 dry-fit Cadian Imperial Guards. I've been painting them really carefully, every single detail, just to make them look nicely done. After showing them to my friends they told me that I should post pictures of them, tutorials etc.

Another reason why am I writing this is my lack of using english. I have been studying it for many years and I'm afraid that now, when I don't have occasions to use it, and this knowledge will just fade away...
Of course I'm watching videos, reading articles and playing games in this language, but I feel that it's not enough.

So let's begin! In next posts I'll show you mine miniatures and maybe tell you some informations about this Masyafuss Defense Force.

Captain Dred - hobbyst and gamer; painting 40k miniatures since 2012; addicted to everything 40k related: games, books, comics and movies. Praising Omnissiah and serving Tzeentch.

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