System Masyafuss


... white noise...

...'re under attack! We need support, we can't hold... (explosion)
...nids are overwhelming us, Lor...  has fallen! If any Imperial unit can receive this ...ssage, please help us! I repeat, this is Masyafuss, the 3rd Troops of Masyafuss, Halo Stars!



In the year of 999.M41 the Adeptus Astartes of Iron Hands chapter has received a message crying out for help from the Masyafuss System located in the Halo Stars. The Clan Council decided to send one of the smaller clans for help because in this sector was one of the Forgeworlds which master was ally of the Iron Hands. The clan selected for this mission bears the name of Clan Innean, "The Anvil".

The Iron Hands has arrived in the middle of the fierce battle between local Imperial Guard soldiers and brutal Tyranids. If the Astartes didn't come the whole battle would be over soon with a total defeat of guardsmen. Unfortunately the xenos had enough time to cripple the Masyafuss forces so the Iron Hands had to stay to secure the system and make sure that it will be able to defend itself soon.

Right now Masyafuss System is housing 3 imperial forces - clan Innean of the Iron Hands chapter, Imperial Guard regiment of 3rd Masyafuss Troops and Adeptus Mechanicus forces located on Mesa Forgeworlds.

But this might change soon because Ahzek Ahriman has discovered that this system has some mysterious, ancient eldar ruins... the rumour says that his forces are already coming...

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