Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Change of plans

There was a thing about which I have thought for a long time now - it's my Space Marine Chapter, the Übermarines. I'm not so happy with them, they lack something, they lack lore, originality, their "spirit". They seem a little boring to me and also they are succesors of the Ultramarines - I respect them, but I don't like them too much. And because all of that I've decided to start making another chapter, but I didn't know which one. Well, I didn't know until the release of Skitarii.

Some of you might know already which chapter I've decided to pick - yes, it's the Iron Hands, one of the original twenty legions, the first one to lose the Primarch and one which is most ignored and forgotten among the Space Marine players.

Why them? It's all because of the Adeptus Mechanicus! And now I can have brand new units of Skitarii which will be aided by Iron Hands, Chapter which is in close relations with Ad Mechs!

And here he is, the first of my Iron Hands!

Big Guns Never Tire

During this weekend not only I've finished the Command Squad but also I've made second out of three heavy weapons for Imperial Guard. This time I've made autocannon - I really like the look of it, this weapon can shred infantry with no effort.

Imperial Guard Command Squad

Another unit complete - this time Imperial Guard. I've decided to put away Skitarii for a while to prevent getting bored with them and I also wanted to make something for my little IG army. Since I've already made the Commander I've decided to finish his command squad.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Lords of Mars

As you could notice I'm having a huge hype on Adeptus Mechanicus right now (of course I've already liked them for so long before:P) so it was just a matter of time before I would buy another IG Techpriest Enginseer. I have one already but I thought that now I am able to paint him much better and use proper martian colours! And after waiting 3 weeks for mail order to come I have painted him in one day!

λ Squad ready for action!

Adeptus Mechanicus, oh I have waited so long for GW to release them. I was always amazed by Skitarii conversions found on the internet and now I can have my own, original Skitarii. And here they are, the first basic squad of the Skitarii Rangers!