Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Imperial Guard Command Squad

Another unit complete - this time Imperial Guard. I've decided to put away Skitarii for a while to prevent getting bored with them and I also wanted to make something for my little IG army. Since I've already made the Commander I've decided to finish his command squad.

Masyafuss Defense Troops are led by Lord Castellan Gregorius Pasha. Greogorius is a descendant of Isaac Pasha, a Rogue Trader who has discovered and conquered the Masyafuss System long time ago, at the dawn of the Imperium of Man. He is always seen with his most trustworthy soldiers and advisors. The Command Squad consists of:


-Veteran Specialist

 -Vox-caster Operator

-Standard Bearer

This standard is one of the most precious relics of Masyafuss Forces - it's the same standard which Isaac Pasha himself have placed on the surface of the planet when he declared it as a part of the Imperium. What's more the standard is a copy of Isaacs Warrant of Trade - a precious document given to Rogue Traders by the Emperor, who signed it with his own blood - it allowed all of the Traders to fly around the Galaxy and conquer whole systems for the Imperium.

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