Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Commanding in the name of the Emperor

Today I'm finally going to show you my Space Marine Commander and my Chapter of Übermarines.

What I like most about this SM Commander miniature is that it's multi-kit set, he has 4 melee weapons and 4 guns: Power Sword, Chainsword, Power Fist and Power Claw and Bolt Pistol (I lost it few weeks ago...), Storm Bolter, Combiplasma and Combimelta. Because of this variety of parts I decided not to glue them together but to use magnets so I can change his weapons, heads and even bases.
                                       (My favourite set - power sword and storm bolter)

As you can see he has the U-umlaut as a chapter symbol, the symbol of the Übermarines. I know that this name is rather unambiguous, but I didn't want to create another "Dark Doombringer Knights of Emperor Justice", I wanted short, simple name, just like the Ultramarines and poof... here comes the Übermarines.

I have even explained the similarity of names between these chapters in the history of Übermarines - this chapter has been founded during the 31st foundation and their Founding Chapter are the Ultramarines (I'll write short story about it sooner or later).

And the last news for today: a new soldier has landed on Masyafuss, he's waiting for his preparation...

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