Thursday, 5 September 2013

Command and Conquer

In this post I'll present you the unit which my Lovely Girlfriend (:3) gave me as anniversary gift - The Space Marines Command Squad. It's basically unit made of 4 Veterans and 1 Apothecary:

I think that now I'll show you each one of them closely, first of all...

-Company Champion
One of my favourite models - nice armor, shield with mounted bolt pistol and big powersword.

-Veteran with flamer
One of my heroes, without his flamer I wouldn't win my first battle. Few days ago I added to him a purity seal and one order (I used greenstuff to make this rope under his left Shoulder Pad) to honour him.

I used one of spare Space Marines Commander bits to make this medic look unique - I added him those leather stripes as a loincloth.

-Standard Bearer

I'm thinking about repainting the standard because it looks poor in my opinion but I don't know when I'll do that. On the other hand the bearer himself looks pretty good, especially his loincloth!

-Last but not least - Veteran Sergeant!
I magnetized this guy so he could have optional equipment - just like the commander (they are compatible). He can be equipped with every weapon from commander set and from this one.

Also I've made his banner removable by not gluing it to his backpack, but by joining them with a bolt (I'll make a whole tutorial about backpack banners).

And again I used spare SM Commander bits - this time it was holstered pistol - I thought that it would look nice if he had this part different than others from this squad.

Next time I'll show you my first models of the Imperial Guard army so stay tuned!

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