Friday, 4 October 2013

First in the line of defence!

And here they are! First units of my second army (or maybe second part of my Imperial Army, that's more accurate), the Imperial Guard!

I started it with one single set of dry-fit Cadians as a test to check if I would like them. AND I LIKE THEM A LOT! After dry-fits I mail-ordered Techpriest Enginseer, a wonderful metal miniature, one of my favourites (almost the same model was used in first Dawn of War game with expansions).

Now I'm planning to buy some IG units, one of my "must have"are:

-Command Squad
-Heavy Weapons Teams
-LEMAN RUSS (awwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah!)

But currently I only bought another pack of 5 dry-fits to make 1 squad (9 guardsmen and 1 officer, I'll have to convert one of them into a leader) and a pack of 3 dry-fit marines to make another 10 marines squad with my previous 7 dry-fit marines (I have already made a sm sergeant as you can see in tutorial in MANUFACTORUM section of the blog).

And two last things for this post:
-I mentioned MANUFACTORUM before - it's a section of a blog where you can find tutorials and tips I make. Today I posted the first one!
-I'm thinking about making a section of a blog where would be gallery of YOUR photos! That's right - YOUR! If you would send me pictures of your miniatures I would be able to post them on my site so your "little pieces of art"would be seen by all of my viewers!

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