Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Faithful flock of Tzeentch

And finally here they are - the first of the 20 cultists from the Dark Vengeance set! After months of painting different models I have finished one complete unit of 10 cultists with autoguns. I know that they are just simple cannon fodder which task is to swarm and slow down the enemy or capture the objective. But I like them, I really like them. I like the idea of lots of zealot, crazy, aggresive cultists who can be only led by the words spoken by Dark Apostle. I like the idea how they would attempt suicidal missions believing that they will be granted many rewards after that. And besides that - they are fun to paint!

Whole gang together

One of the first thought after getting these models was "How long will it take to paint all of them?". Well, back in these days I was painting one model at the time, but I changed it while making these guys. There is just 4 types of models x2 plus leader and the special weapon guy. So I've decided that it would be no problem to paint both copies of 1 type at the same time. Yesterday I've even decided that I would paint 4 models just to finish this unit.
Leader with a shotgun and "The Butcher" with Heavy Stubber

 I have to say that these guys are my favourite - I like their coats and hoods, they look like some secret operatives (they would look great as Alpha Legion operatives! Hmmm... John Grammaticus?)

 I really enjoyed painting these two "scarecrows" - I could experiment with painting clothes with different paints and shades

Renegade Militia?

Another "Renegade Militia" like designed cultists. Notice that their gear look a bit more professional than the others - more pouches, bayonets, rebreathers, uniforms - they really look like traitorous imperial soldiers.

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