Friday, 10 January 2014

Masyafuss First and Only (at this point) Guardsmen

Few days before Christmas I finally finished the last man of the most basic Imperial Guard Infantry squad. It's finally full 10-men squad. Well they are not so very impressive since they are just simple dry-fit models, but I had to make this squad complete.

I bought the first box of 5 models just for fun, to see if I would like the IG and after I finished all of them I thought that I have to have small army of those small, brave humans. I hope that this year after the release of the 6th Codex for them I will buy some more models. I'm currently thinking about buying the Cadian Command Squad, Heavy Weapons Squad or another squad of 10 guardsmen (but this time normal, big, multipart set of them). But we will see what new models will come out with this Codex!

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