Friday, 10 January 2014

Little Helpers of the 41st Millenium

I was really happy to find out that the set of Devastators have a bits of 4 servoskulls in it! I know that they do nothing in the tabletop game and they are just a decoration but damn... that's cool! First thing I thought was to make one as a familiar for my commander! After I did it I realised that another servoskull design fits the style of the Techpriest and I couldn't resist to make this one too. And here they are!

I'm really proud of the idea of making bases for them. When I painted the first servoskull I couldn't decide on how should I attach it to my commander, I didn't want glue it to him. So I thought about making a separate base for it. I didn't know what to use to make it, normal base is too big and I didn't want to waste one on such little thing! Then I got idea that I'll make a base out of a... little coin! And it works perfectly! After solving this problem another has appeared - how to make them look like they are flying, hovering? It took me some time to finally decide to cut some pieces of the plastic bottle to make small flying bases replacement. And that did the trick as well. And now here we have both servoskulls with their masters!

And if you want to know in which sets you can find servoskull bits - I've made small research. Of course there are 4 servoskulls in Space Marines Devastator Squad set (2 bits of 2 types), 1 in Imperial Guard Cadian Command Squad set and 1 in Grey Knights Terminators set. Of course you can also find a set of 4 servoskulls (2 bits of 2 types), 1 with Inquisitor Solomon Lok and retinue and 1 with the Titan Techpriest on Forge World if you would like to buy them.

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