Sunday, 11 January 2015

New Imperial units

I really like Imperial Guard - they may be weak, but they are awesome. They are just simple humans fighting with all of the galaxies threats - horrible xenos and fearsome traitors. And they also have their amazing heavy support with all of the Bassilisks, Leman Russes and Super Heavy Tanks. But I bet most of you know it already.

This summer I decided to buy Militarum Tempestus Scions - the new version of Stormtroopers. I really really really like their design. I have painted 4 of them but I will make the last one soon. Another thing I bought is the Armoured Fist of Cadia - unit of 10 guardsmen and Chimera Armoured Transport. And few weeks ago my Girlfriend (:3) bought me Cadian Command Squad, so I have a lot of IG units.

And here are first two units from the Cadian Shock Troops - sargeant and Vox Caster operator.
More photos are available in this GALLERY.

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