Monday, 2 February 2015

Little success

Hey everybody!

Few days ago I participated in a giveaway organised by Natfka from natfka.blogspot,com and sponsored by Eternal Crusade Team from Behaviour Interactive. I've sent pictures of my recently finished Thousand Sons Lord and... I won! I won 1 Founders Pack for the Eternal Crusade - that made me really happy because I wanted to buy one soon:)

I know that the winners were picked randomly but still it's something for me! Anyway today Natfka posted new What's on Your Table and my project was first to be published:

What's On Your Table - Chaos Space Marine Lord

Some people in comments already gave me some tips and the link in the description of the photos have lured some visitors on this blog.

That's all for today - I don't have much time for painting and writing here now, but I plan to make an Imperial Guard Commander sooner or later!

Once again - thank you Natfka and all of you from Eternal Crusade Team!

Captain Dred - hobbyst and gamer; painting 40k miniatures since 2012; addicted to everything 40k related: games, books, comics and movies. Praising Omnissiah and serving Tzeentch.

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