Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The flesh is weak! - Anvil Studios bionic arms

Hey! I have finally started to work on my Iron Hands from the Betrayal at Calth box! This monday I've received a package with 5 pairs of bionic arms made by Anvil Studios! Since I haven't seen any reviews or photos of these parts being used on SM models I've decided to make a small review of my own.

As I've mentioned it - this is a set of 5 pairs of bionic arms - each pair is conviniently marked on the inner side of the shoulder - it has dots, lines etc. Since I'm making a squad of 10 men (well even 11 to be honest) I'm not going to use all of them in pairs - most of the marines will have one of their arms replaced.

Keep in mind that these arms were made probably for the older marines models and since that time they got a bit bigger - as you can see here the bionic arm is a little bit smaller. I had to use the greenstuff to make these arms fit the model - it wasn't difficult in most cases.

As you can see I've also added some greenstuff around the shoulder so I could have more surface to glue the shoulderpads on.

After adding the greenstuff you wouldn't tell that these arms were a bit off scale :)

This arm here was more difficult to fit - it was too croocked so I had to cut it just above the elbow and lenghten it with greenstuff.

And here is an example of the right bionic arm. There was one problem with it - both the arm and bolter had a hand attached so I've decided to cut off the arms hand and glue it to the bolter.

I have to say that I'm happy with these parts. They were quite cheap compared to the GW/FW prices and I had to wait less than a week to receive my order. Arms need some tuning to fit into newer marines models but I think that they would be perfect as they are for the older ones.

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  1. hell yea brother i recently orderd some of these arms

    1. Good choice ;) You'll need to work on them a bit since it's one of the oldest of their products I presume, but it's still awesome set!