Thursday, 20 March 2014

A loyal warrior of the Chapter

Few weeks ago, when I started making models of the Wolf Squad I ordered the Space Wolves Accesories Frame from Games Workshop. I realised that if I'll order these parts I would be able to kitbash another model with both space wolves pack and devastators bits and still be able to make 10 tacticals and 5 devastators. And that's how I've made the Captain  of the Wolf Company!

At first I wanted to make just a "wolf version" of my Chapter Master but when I realised that the left hand with stormbolter is actually a right hand the whole plan failed. But to be honest everything went better than expected. Both Thunderhammer and Lightning Claw look so badass and the Combat Shield really suits them. I plan to make a second Lightning Claw for him, but I will have to reposition its arm a bit, because I don't like how it looks like (and it will be impossible to aply this weapon because of his beard).

                                                    (I really like how this knife suits him)

I've been reading Horus Heresy novels lately and I felt that I should make some sort of bodyguards/companions for him, so I decided to make 2 of the Tactical Wolves look like his personal guards (one of them counts as a sergeant and another one as a simple marine with bolter). I think that they look pretty awesome together :3

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