Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Wolves of Masyafuss

Ahhh... finally after about 4 months I have finished the Tactical Marines Squad made out of the Space Wolves Pack box. I really enjoyed doing that because it was something new in my hobby but it still can be used with my "standard" Space Marines.

What I really like about them is the fact that I could use some more colours. I know that I can paint anything in any colour I would like, but I have decided that My Ubermarines will be black and red. And here with Space Wolves I could use lots of gold (which I don't like that much but damn, this colour fits these models very much) and yellow for the shoulderpads. And of course there are lots of additional items to paint like gems, wolf pelts, skulls etc! All of it makes up a great design of a futuristic space vikings and I really like it!

What's more is the fact that now I have a lot of spare bits - lightning claws, chainswords, bolt pistols, heads (well... you have like 58 of them in the box...), plasma guns and more!

Well I think that now is the time for some photos? So now I proudly present you - my Wolf Squad!

 The Sergeants - this squad is a bit unusual because it has two sergeants. I made it that way because I wanted to use them sometimes as a personal guard of the Wolf Captain, but it can be used also when I want to split this squad into two smaller squads. But when they are used as a normal squad the sergeant to your right is "the first in command" and the other one just counts as a marine with boltgun.
 The Specialists - when I saw these "wolf head" helmets I thought that I would use them for these special guys, the one with special weapon and other with heavy weapon. I think that it pretty matches them and makes them look more important that they have quite unusual weapons.
 Tacticals - in the box of the SW Pack you get tons of bits and I thought that I should use most of them to make my troops look more dynamic, active and those two guys are a pretty example of this.
 Tacticals - I didn't realise that those two are so similar when I was doing the second model but they still have some differences between them.
 Tacticals - The marine on the right side is my favourite. I used parts from both devastators and space wolves and I needed to cut some parts with knife to make this little conversion. I was inspired by the pose of the space marine in the video game Space Marine when you equip a pistol with a knife. And the other soldier has a really interesting armour, I have taken it from the Space Wolves Accessories sprue and it looks like an old mk6 Corvus armour?
And also I wanted to post here small update about the Wolf Captain - now he can equip two lightning claws. Both of them are of course from the SW pack box, and I just needed to make a small cut on the left hand of the model topose it like this, nothing complicated.

And that was my whole squad of tactical marines made out of the Space Wolves!

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