Monday, 28 July 2014

Faithful servant of Tzeentch

Since I'm collecting a Thousand Sons warband, Templars of Syrinx, a sorcerer is a must have! I had luck to order metal CSM Sorcerer with Force Sword just before he disappeared from the store. It took me about 6 months to start painting this model, and before that I decided to convert him a bit.
I really like the concept of sorcerer with staff, but this one had a Force Sword, so I had to cut it off. After that I've made a staff from toothpick, Greenstuff and plasticard(?) and used hand with chainsword from Space Wolves bits. The result was not satisfying in my opinion, so I had to make another staff. This time I used Dark Eldar bits which my riend gave me, and a little bit of greentuff, and now it look much better!
(WIP - you can see that the first staff I made was inspired by the Black Staff of Ahzek Ahriman)

Aaaaand the final version of the Templars Leader (I still have to name him though)

And this staff looks a bit like the staf of the Chaos Sorcerer from WFB

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