Monday, 28 July 2014

Why there was no updates?

Well, well, well... and again I have no idea what to start with... Maybe I'll explain why I havent been posting anything for these few months. First of all I had exam session and I had to focus on that. The other reason for that silence is lack of material - I want to post some pics, but I don't think that posting pictures of 1 model per 1 post is a good thing. I want to make posts presenting full squads and I don't have any. And last but not least - lack of motivation. OK, I know, I started writing this blog for myself, just to have a reason to use english and have fun with my models. But there is no response from readers and, well, no readers at all. The only visitors on this blog are google checking if everything on this blog is ok and legal, and spam bots from Russia. But there are still some "normal" visitors, and I'm happy for that, I like it when I see that someone has found that site. I really hope that these people would come back here later. And I want to keep posting here for such people, and just for myself too.

Enough with complaining - now I'll tell you what am I planning to do. I have painted about 10 models, added some battle damage to the Hellbrute and finally some decals, so I will present this to you. After that I will teach you how to paint clothes on an example of 2 cultists in a new tutorial. I really enjoy painting such parts and I can say that I'm pretty good at it.

So be prepared for some updates!

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