Monday, 28 July 2014

Hellbrute getting dirty

I always have this dilemma - to leave a model perfectly clean, beautiful, fresh without a scratch, or rather make it look like it took a part in a battle... But since Hellbrute is a great killing machine I couldn't leave it in such perfect condition!
I have drilled and painted few holes after bullets and made few scratches to show it that this marine is not afraid of the fight. Moreover I've added some dirt with Typhus Corrosion and finally added emblem of the Thousand Sons - now I can say that this model is fully complete!

As you can also see I'm trying new things with photos - I've made few pictures on this  white background, it seems more "professional" to me :P I still need to improve it though.

Captain Dred - hobbyst and gamer; painting 40k miniatures since 2012; addicted to everything 40k related: games, books, comics and movies. Praising Omnissiah and serving Tzeentch.

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