Saturday, 15 August 2015

The one to rule them all... but bigger and better!

You may remembermy previous Chaos Lord from Dark Vengeance set. He is the Lord of the Thousand Sons and I named him Kronos the Desecrator. Few weeks ago I bought myself a new Lord - the CSM Lord in Terminator Armour, my first "bigger" independent character.

Who is he? Well, it's still the same old Kronos but only in newer, better armour. Maybe some day I'll run a campaign of TS invasion on Masyafuss System where Kronos would find or be gifted with this armour during the game.

Anyway as you can see it's a bit different from the original Termie Lord. I got rid of the skull on the helmet, the bayonet on the combi-bolter and I converted the staff into Power Maul (if I'll be playing with it some day it will be used as a Black Mace).

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  1. Gorgeous terminator lord! Man that character is epic!

    1. Thank you once again :) I really wanted this model to stand out, to make him look that he IS the BOSS here:P And also I was a bit inspired by Lord from Dawn of War II :)