Friday, 25 September 2015

Quick Update - Heavenly Warrior

Hello everyone! As you can see I've been quite silent for some time now - it's all because of the constant lack of time. But finally I've got a secong to make a short post about... the Stormcast Eternal. As some of you might know GW has included a stormcast eternal miniature in the first issue of White Dwarf about the old/new Warhammer Fantasy - Age of Sigmar. I've managed to grab one of them even before the release and I've painted it the same day. But I'm many many months late to post it here:P

When I was painting this model the only known colour scheme was gold and blue, I've decided to replace blue with red to get more "royal" look. As it turned out later there is a official colour scheme like that:) I really enjoyed painting this model, I've never had an occasion to paint so much gold on one miniature. I didn't use the new gold paints, I've decided to use Balthasar and Gehennas Gold, Reikland Fleshshade and Runefang Steel - these paints still looks good compared to the new ones I think.

I have also had a chance to play AoS with starter miniatures in my local GW store. I understand most of people complaining but... I really enjoyed that. I've never played WFB, I didn't play 40k much either but AoS is simply a game which is ready to play after 10 minutes of reading the rules. As for me - a person who is more of a painter than a player - this is perfect. I like to paint and collect my models but I also want to use them in battle sometimes. But the amount of books needed to do it and money required to buy it stops me from doing that. Anyway I'm not a professional player, I didn't know much about old WFB, but as a "rookie" I like it.

PS. I enjoyed AoS so much that I'm even planning on starting either Warriors of Chaos army or the Vampire Lords (themed after Dark Souls :3). Maybe some day I'll do it :D

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  1. I like the red. It does give it a nice royal guard type look. Might be fun to paint groups in the red, then vary others in different tones to differentiate their ranks, keeping the metallics as the base group.

    1. Well, that's a nice idea. Maybe I'd make them like that if I was gathering Stormcast army. I thought about buying some and converting them more or less into Dark Souls characters (a bit buffed Ornstein, Berenike Knights, Black Iron Tarkus).