Saturday, 12 March 2016

Betrayal at Calth update: Captain in Terminator armour

Hey everybody! It's time for another Betrayal at Calth update. This time I'm going to show you the terminator captain with a little ccw replacement:)

Since I didn't use any of the lightning claws in the termies set I thought that I would replace the chainfist - I didn't like it anyway, lightning claw is more suitable for such character. This little conversion wasn't so hard - the only thing I had to do is to cut of the powercord from the torso and trim the lightning claw arm to fit it in place. I used some greenstuff to place it properly and I've added some of these metal thingies at the end of the leather straps (I know that these straps hanging from the belt are pteruges but are these ones hanging from the shoulderpads named like that as well?) to make them look a bit more like the ones this model has.

On the base I've painted the Machina Opus and added some cogs laying around - he is defending the allied Forgeworld after all:) Also double layered cork makes him look a bit taller and more important among the other models.

When I bought BaC I didn't even like this model at all, I cared more about the Kurta Sedd but now I'm pretty happy with it. With the addition of the lightningclaw this captain looks more powerful and I like how he looks among the other terminators. Hmm... all of them are Iron Hands in Cataphracti armours... Can I say that they are... Morlocks?:)

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