Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Hi! I don't ususally write such posts, but that's a nice news - SEGA have just announced that they are releasing a new hero for the Last Stand mode in Dawn of War II: Retribution game. It will be released on 10.03.16 and it will be free to get for 5 days after the release!

I'm quite happy about it, Last Stand was my most favourite part of this game and another hero to play as is always good. I suspect that his basic role will be support but the presence of the Shard of the Nightbringer gives me hope for some OP fun.

Anyway this have started me wondering if Relic is going to show something about DoW3 on PC Gamer Weekender on 5-6th of march. I doubt that they are going there just to show a dlc for a 5 years old game:P

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