Monday, 29 February 2016

Betrayal at Calth update: Tactical Squad completed!

Hello everybody! It's finally time to show you my completed squad of Tactical Marines from Betrayal at Calth! It took me some time to finish them all but it's done now!

To make this squad look like a proper Iron Hands unit I've bought IH shoulderpads from FW, bionic arms from Anvil Industry and IH Upgrade Pack from GW.

Thanks to that I could make 11th marine in this unit because BaC had enough parts to make that - the only thing that was missing were the legs so I used one of them from GWs upgrade pack for my sargeant. I've also given him the servoskull to make him stand out in his unit a bit more.

For the special weapon I've chosen plasmagun - it's fun to use it in BaC and I also love to paint plasma cores, it's easy and cool looking:)

I've used the 11th marine to make both heavy weapon options because both of them are good in BaC and it would be hard to choose only one of them.

I hope you'll like this models and next time, I'll show you some elites!

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