Monday, 22 February 2016

How to: Simple bases

Hello! Today I'm going to continue a post from yesterday. I showed you all how do I paint my Iron Hands and now I'm going to make a quick tutorial on how to make nice bases in easy and quick way.

1. First we need to get some cork for our base. Glue the cork to the base and rip the egdes carefuly to make it look uneven and random.

2. After that I basecoat the cork with black and after that I aply one coat of Eshin Grey.

3. When the paint is dry already I cover whole cork in nuln oil.

4. Next step is drybrushing the whole base with Eshin Grey, a little less with Dawnstone and just the edges with White Scar.

And that's all! Now  you can add some decorative bits and glue your model to the base :)

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