Friday, 5 February 2016

Betrayal at Calth update - tactical squad progress 2

Hey everybody! I know it's been quiet for over a month now, but due to exam session I have very little time to do anything about my models and blog. I hope that it will change soon and I'll be able to show you my completed Tactical Squad and after that both of the BaC heroes (who are waiting for they turn). Anyway I've decided to post a little update on these marines!

As you can see I've finished 8 of the marines. Some of you may notice that I've build marines with both heavy weapons - heavy bolter and missile launcher. "But why? You can't do this" you may say - well yes, yes I can:P I've decided to make both of the heavy weapons because I've counted the bits in this set and I've realised that if I add just one pair of legs to this set then I will be able to make 1 additional marine and therefore I can choose to use one of these options on the battlefield!

The additional pair of legs that I used are from GWs Iron Hands Upgrade set - as you can see I've used 4 parts from this set on my squad leader - cybernetic legs (because the flesh is weak I remind you!), head with bionic implants (the flesh is weak I say!), a bionic hand with thunder hammer (didn't I mention that the flesh is weak?) and shoulder pad (because the fle... oh wait no, I just used it because I ran out of FW pads used on regular marines and this one from GW set suits his rank).

Also small Ad Mechy detail - the servo skull, I just love these bits from old devastator box. I've also added one skull from Cadian Command Squad for the Terminator Leader.

Ehhh... It's X. not V, I will have to work on that some day.

And the last 3 of the marines who are waiting for their paintjob. As you can see I've started some highlightning on one of them but I really don't know when I'll get a chance to finish him - if everything will be all right then I could find some time next week

That's all for today, I hope that I'll get to post something soon and that whole squad will be finished then!

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