Sunday, 21 February 2016

How to: My Iron Hands

Hello! Some time ago I was asked by my friend about how do I paint my Iron Hands miniatures. I thought that I would make a post about it - it will be easy to show him how do I do it and I will be able to check this scheme some day in the future if I would forget about it.

1. First thing is obvious, basecoat this fellow over here with black paint. I use paint in spray and if there are any areas left without a paint I add it with a brush.

2. After making sure that everything is covered in black I do highlightning with Eshin Grey. I used to highlight IH with Eshin Grey and Dawnstone after that but I thought that it's too bright. After highlightning I paint metal details with Leadbelcher.

3. The next steps are painting leather holsters with Rhinox Hide and other metal elements with Brass Scorpion.

4. Obviously you want your Iron Hand to bear the white Legion/Chapter symbol - I'm using White Scar for that.

5. After these steps I take Abbadon Black and I cover up some mistakes and other accidents. And when it's done the miniature is ready for the Nuln Oil bath. When everything is dry I paint the eye lenses with Teclis Blue and Temple Guard Blue and add some highlighthning with Runefang Steel on metal and Eshin Grey again if it needs some fixing. And when you do all of this the miniature is complete!

You can also add some weathering by dabbing miniature with sponge with Eshin Grey and Runefang a bit, but it's optional.

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