Saturday, 14 November 2015

Another news - Betrayal at Calth!

Hey! I've just got my own (well, partially) box of the Betrayal at Calth game. I've bought it with 2 of my friends and finally I have it in my own hands!

My friends bought 2x10 tactical marines and I got the rest. Now there is a question - what I should do first? Tacticals have to wait for FW Iron Hands Shoulderpads (and I didn't even order them yet - I'll do it after next payday). That means that I have to choose from Kurtha Sedd (I keep forgetting his name so he will be called "a commander" or just "chaplain" or "apostle"), Aethon, termies and dreadnought. But to be honest I have a lot of other models to finish (like Raptors, Skitarii, Guardsmen, Rubrics - YES, RUBRICS -, Sorcerer and received today Missionary and metal Sorcerer) and that makes this more complicated... (ok it's termies or dreadnought:P)

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