Saturday, 21 November 2015

Thinking out loud: Hexhammer 40k

I bet I'm not the only one who had similar idea to mine: "How about adding more units to the Betrayal at Calth?" - that's why I've decided to start making an unofficial addon to this game: the Hexhamer 40k (well it's not final name, I had to come up with something:P).

If you've played Betrayal at Calth then you should already know that it's a great game that's simple enough to start playing almost immediately by anyone but yet it gives so much tactical options that it won't bore any experienced players. The only flaw of this game is lack of any other units than tactical marines, termies and dreadnought (ok, and heroes) - after long time this might make this game a bit repetitive (well GW might add more units next year if this game would sell well). And this is the reason why I have started thinking about this.

So far I've created 2 cards to test them: Rubric Marines and Aspiring Sorcerer (for Magnus!):

(right now these are cards just for testing purposes,
they are not meant to be perfect and beautiful right now:P)

As you can see the basic stats are the same as the tacticals: armour, stamina, assault 2 and bulk 1 - the only difference are the rules. Both units have the aura of dark glory which gives invulnerable save 5+ and I had to add it into BaC. I thought that additional die with 1 reroll might do it. The bigger problem was Sorcerers magic - I wanted it to be special but not too OP. Also I've made the Inferno Bolts change the boltguns critical effect - now they can punch through the power armours  with ease. At first I copied the powerfists critical effect where any target model counts its armour as 0 but I had to change it - inferno bolts can ignore 3+ marines armour, but not 2+ termies so I've changed it so the critical effect would decrease the armour value by 2 points - now termies have chances to save themselves.

That's all for now. I'm thinking about making another blog where I could post just these cards and/or rules (similarly to the Kill Teams unofficial expansion to 40k site). If there is anyone who would like to help me - just send me a message :)

PS. I hope GW won't sue or kill me for that post - I'm just a fan who has an idea to make their game even better :P

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