Sunday, 15 November 2015

Back to... the future? First Horus Heresy era model! (+ bonus content)

Yes, I couldn't stop myself - I had to make at least one model from Betrayal at Calth set. Since I'm planning to order shoulder pads for tacticals from FW I had to choose from termies, heroes and dreadnought - and I started with termies, the main reason why I wanted this set so badly.

As I've mentioned it on the other post before - I've bought it with 2 friends - they got 20 tacticals in total and I got the rest. I've decided to paint all of the minis as a one army and since I've wanted to make Iron Hands I thought it was a great occasion to do this.

It's a pity that I can't get Iron Hands transfers anywhere - I know FW had them but it's too expensive for me - that's why I've decided to do my best with freehand. It's not that bad after all but I'm not satisfied in 100%.

I know that the quality of photos has suddenly dropped but I don't have my backgroung piece of paper and I had problems with lightning. I will retake these photos when I'll have chance to do it but I wanted to post these ASAP!:P

Aaaaand beforementioned bonus - here are the models that I've recently finished. 1 Rubric, 2 csm (I have enough parts to make 2 of them and 8 Rubrics), brand new Cataphracti Termie and some guards - 3rd and 4th of my shock troops and 3rd heavy weapon team.


Ok, that's all for today, I think I'll go and start assembling the Dreadnought :)

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