Sunday, 8 November 2015

Betrayal at Calth - first impressions

Today I had a chance to play the brand new GW boardgame - the Betrayal at Calth!

I played against my local store manager and I have to say that it was a lot of fun! I had one unit of 10 Tactical Marines and Contemptor pattern Dreadnought (yes, I've played as Word Bearers), and he was playing with 5 Terminators and Captain Aethon of the Ultramarines.

I really liked the fact that each player makes a move with single unit at a time - it makes this game filled with action and it prevents such situations from 40k games where your opponent obliterates your army and you can't do nothing because it's not your turn. We had such situation where terminator with heavy flamer was killing my tacticals and I could stop it right after he started doing that by shooting him down with plasmaguns.

Another thing I liked was the critical shot option. The dice found in this boxset have special markings on them - there is 1 blank side (which has no effect at all), 2 apothecary helixes (used in armour saving), 2 hit markers and 1 critical hit marker (and these are used in combat obviously). Each weapon has different critical effect - bolters can deplete opponents action points (each unit has 2 action points used to do anything and they are being reseted after each turn), missile launcher adds 1 attack dice per unit standing on attacked hex, multimelta makes opponent ignore his armour during saving phase etc. Also each weapon has different number of attacks - boltguns have 2, plasma weapons 4, missile launcher 5 and when character has some special rules he can get even more - Captain Aethon has 5 attacks +1 because of his Chainfist.
will be another exclusive mission.

The game also uses cards - some of them are unit cards describing units stats, some of them are Dreadnought damage stats - it shows you which parts of Dreadnought have been destroyed (I lost my heave weapon arm, left leg and energy core), and special order cards - each of both legions has its own. I had a chance to look at the Word Bearers cards and I could use some chaos powers: I could prevent my unit from dying with some sort of dark protection, I could bless my unit with SIX (!!!) additional dice during saving phase or I could use some cursed weaponry as rad grenades.

The fight lasted until there was noone left on the battlefield except for Aethon and my Dreadnought. After a long fight, with one leg and multimelta destroyed, my Dreadnought swung its powerfist on the enemy for the last time and killed him. 5 Terminators and Captain killed 10 of my tacticals with ease, but when I was able to call my dreadnought - the fight got much harder for them.

I really like this game  - the models are fantastic (I love this Kurtha Sedd model and Cataphracti Termies!) and the game is really fun to play! You won't get bored with that because the book contained in the box has some different missions to play and in upcoming White Dwarf issue there 

Now I'm waiting to add a Word Bearer pin on my backpack which will be available to get on 5th of December!

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